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  • Getting sick is…normal?
    Bottom Line: Believe it or not, getting sick is a body signal that your immune system is working! Yes, you read that correctly. Every single day you encounter bacteria that Read more
  • Everyday Pain? No MORE!!
    Bottom Line: You know that feeling - the one where you start to feel a headache coming on. For many people, it is a daily occurrence and often begins in the Read more
  • Your arm pain may be coming from your neck Read more
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  • Whats your most valuable possession? Read more
  • The Low Back and Leg Connection
    Bottom Line: Most orthopedic practices have a specialist for your foot, a specialist for your back, a specialist for your hip, and a specialist for your knee. Based on the number Read more
  • That Bad Old Hip (and What to Do About It)
    Bottom Line: There aren’t too many daily activities that don’t require the use of your hips. The hip is a ball and socket joint that connects your legs to your pelvis. Read more
  • Reduce Knee Pain Without Drugs or Surgery
    Bottom Line: Knee pain can be debilitating. Getting up and down stairs, long walks, and even getting around the house can be difficult when your knees hurt. The cause of knee Read more
  • Every Step You Take
    Bottom Line: The average person walks over 100,000 miles in a lifetime! Every step places stress and strain on your foot and ankle. Most ankle injuries occur in the soft tissue, Read more
  • Can Chiropractic Help You Lose Weight?
    Bottom Line:If you are looking to lose a few extra pounds this month, you are not alone. Many of our patients are working towards a similar goal.How you move, eat, Read more
  • Only 1 day left to VOTE ... ends May 18th
    Vote River City Chiropractic Best of Medical & Dental fields for 2018http://bestofcitrusheights.comThank you for voting River City Chiropractic as Best of Citrus Heights in the Medical & Dental field for 11 years . Read more
  • River City Chiropractic is counting on your VOTE
    Don't Delay Vote TODAY! Read more
  • Don’t Have Enough Time to Exercise?
    Bottom Line:You're busy and you're stressed out. Well, you're not alone.These are two of the most common reasons people give for not exercising consistently. Ironically, these are the two exact Read more
  • Stress and Weight
    Bottom Line:A recent research study found over 75% of people experience at least a moderate amount of stress every day!Chronic stress is not fun to deal with, but did you Read more
  • Sugar: The Beach Body Killer
    Bottom Line:If you have a sweet tooth, you know it can be difficult to avoid sugary foods like pastries, candy, or even soda. Which sugary food is your weakness?Researchers have Read more
  • Adjust Your Thoughts About Seasonal Allergies
    Bottom Line: For many people, the start of spring brings thoughts of blooming flowers and more time spent outdoors. For others, the first thought is whether or not they Read more