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TOP 10 21st Century Healthcare Solutions for 21st Century Living

1. GET MOVING 21 minutes a day- If it has a joint bend it! Regular movement dramatically increases circulation and improves overall health and mood.

2. H2o POWER HOUR HYDRATE- Every 21st minute of every hour take a refreshing drink of clean filtered water.

3. SLEEP at least 21 hours of hardcore uninterrupted blackout sleep –how? Choose 3 nights a week when you will get at least 7 hours of the best sleep you have ever had. When we’re well rested we're less likely to seek an energy boost from high-calorie foods or caffeine!

4.80% RULE- Eat until you are 80% full. That extra 21% (yeah we know that’s more than 100% but c’mon, you know you do it!!)  gut busting feeling is putting too much stress on your digestive system, and stretching your stomach. This over time makes it more difficult to feel satisfied resulting in weight gain and other digestive health issues.

5. Skip the liquid calories- Replacing a 20-oz soda with 21oz sparkling water every day would save more than 20,000 calories over a few months, which could translate into more than five-pounds of weight loss

6. Keep unhealthy foods out of the house- The battle of the bulge is won or loss at the checkout stand. Sure the stock clerks hate it, but really consider that you’re saving more than money by putting those guilty pleasures back on the shelf. And if you already bought it, we challenge you to get rid of at least 2 to 1 of all processed, sugary foods. Makes for a great donation to the food closets if you have and issue throwing away food. We get it.

7. Make Veggies the star of your plate- Your vegetables should outnumber whatever else is on your plate
2 to 1. This includes any starches and /or protein.

8. Power Down- studies show that if you disconnect from all electronics 1 hour before bed, You will reduce your exposure to disruptive low levels of light and intrusive noises at night. Moreover, with this simple task, you will begin to initiate changes that are integral to sleeping better. 1 hour may be a tough start so give yourself 21 minutes for a week and build from there.

9.Get Adjusted, SHARE the HEALTH-21 million people will seek out Chiropractic in the upcoming year. WHO DO YOU KNOW THAT SHOULD BE ONE OF THEM?

10. Purify with a detox cleanse- Join us for a 21 day detoxification cleanse that will help you eliminate toxins, restore proper digestive health, and improve eating habits with weekly live and online support, affordable products,  and healthy cooking classes.