Meet the Doctor

Meet Dr. Ken Moger, D.C.


My father was a lawyer and my mother an emergency room supervising nurse which explains my critical thinking (some say opinionated!) and compassion to serve others.

Growing up “in the emergency room”, I saw and heard the “behind the scenes” stories of failed procedures, out dated thinking that “wouldn’t go away” and the ever increasing dependence on stronger and stronger medications and more restrictive insurance and administrative regulations (read profit protection!) that is now our modern medical system. The youthful folly of recreational drug and alcohol use combined with my “medical upbringing” convinced me in my twenties that there is little to no differences between “good” drugs and “bad” drugs; they are all just drugs, and continued use of them will only create greater problems later on. Sadly, the very drugs that once promised better life are now the leading cause of death and disability in our modern medical system, killing hundreds of thousands more than cocaine, pot, heroin and all other illicit drugs combined.

Early in college I learned about the miracle of Life and how our bodies heal themselves more often than not, but it took being exposed to traditional principled chiropractic philosophy (not to be confused with the more medical Osteopathy or Chiropractic manipulation and physiotherapy techniques) that a method of returning the bodies natural healing ability could be employed to serve others without disempowering them, poisoning their bodies with drugs (even “natural remedies”), or removing body parts.

The most crucial step came when I gave my life to Christ Jesus in 1995 and I realized that human beings are not simply randomized chemical reactions feebly awaiting decay, disease and disability, quite the contrary; when provided a reasonable environment and properly functioning within the order that God created we can express life at its fullest!

It is now my life’s goal to help remove as many obstacles to whole health from others’ paths as I can. In 2003, I joined Dr. Ben Lerner and dozens of other compassionate doctors across northern America to “round table” information and techniques that are getting the greatest results. When someone chooses our Maximized Living model for their family’s health they can rest assured that the methods we teach and employ have been proven effective by hundreds of doctors and thousands of clients world wide! Perhaps more importantly, they know that we live what we teach! All three of our children were born at home with no drugs before during or after conception, during their delivery (my wife Rachel is a POWERFUL woman!) or ever after!

Rest assured, I want nothing less than the very best for you and your family!


  • Graduated Life Chiropractic College West with honors 1993
  • Two term President Delta Sigma Chi – professional fraternity
  • Three term northern California representative LCCW Alumni Board of Directors
  • Founding Member International Chiropractic Association Council on Pediatrics (inactive)
  • Founding Member International Chiropractic Association Council on Sports and Health Fitness (inactive)
  • Active Member International Chiropractic Association
  • Active member of California Chiropractic Association
  • Recipient of numerous awards for excellence and community service
  • Recognized as a leader in natural healthcare in two New York Times Best selling books (“Body by God – the owners manual for Maximized Living” and “One Minute Wellness”)
  • Public speaker on self development, health, and stewardship – from a Biblical perspective