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Upcoming Events

Wednesday April 25th, 2018: Body Signals Workshop starting at 5:30pm

"Put an end to Allergies and Asthma" - The spring season not only starts to bring warm weather- but for over 20% of people, it also brings allergies! Are allergies a sign of a weak immune system? No, quite the opposite. Allergies are a common overreaction of the immune system to a natural product. Every day you come into contact with dust, mold, or pollen. Allergies occur if your body and immune system overreact and over produce antibodies to attack the material. This overreaction of the immune system is what we call allergies. The sneezing, wheezing, itching, runny nose, and watery eyes are all signs that your immune system has overreacted to a perceived threat. Register for our FREE workshop April 25th. - Seating is limited.

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