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“I sat there tired on the couch, feeling exhausted, energy that was once there gone. Things I liked to do before now seeming like a distant memory more than reality. What happened?”

Health more than ever before is continually changing. What is it? Is it the latest thing catching our eye? A phrase, a song to market to us what our bodies need, a picture or post?!

Remember the famous “Got Milk?” campaign that started back in 1993? This campaign, which was popular, was used to increase human “calcium intake” by suggesting that calcium and vitamin D needed to consumed in large quantities from milk. While it is true that vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption, the real reason behind this push was for companies to increase their own profits and get people to buy more milk. People saw an ad and automatically thought: Milk=health. This was streamlined in schools across the country, and marketed with celebrities to bring this to a higher awareness. Calcium is crucial for bone health, but where it went wrong is it gave the impression that people needed to CONSUME more. It was later known that, for the most part, consuming extra vitamin D did not even improve the bones of the spine, hip or forearm. This led to more people being confused about what their bodies actually needed. If consuming more “milk” did not necessarily mean obtaining more nutrients, where was the issue? This also created the need for “Altered” consumption such as Non-fat, Low-fat options in diets that can actually contain MORE sugar and other things your body rejects and does not absorb. Many of these ingredients are chemically modified foods that your body does not read and something altered from its original design.

And not ALL fats are created equally, nor do all affect the body in the same way. While processed and refined fats found mostly in the boxed foods we see at the store and most restaurants can be harmful, other types of natural fats have beneficial, life-extending properties. When we miss out on fats in our diets, we can quickly find ourselves feeling tired, moody, constantly hungry, unable to kick cravings and resentful over our restrictive diets (does that ring a bell?). People often also fall into eating more unhealthy carbs; high carb foods are LOADED with sugars, which can cause inflammation in your body as well as other issues.

This post is to challenge you, to listen to what your body needs. Your Body is so complex, but was also made in a way to be self- healing, when given the right natural, God designed, foods your body was made for. Your nervous system gives power to EVERY organ in your body, and it fights environmental stressors and innate genetic weakness. Your brain, which requires healthy fats and proteins to communicate to your body, helps the body to self-regulate. When your body is living in a harmonious state to what you’re putting in, the output is ALREADY doing what it is designed to do. When medications aren’t your first go to for pain, when you see food as medicine, and when all aspects of your health are being engaged, energy levels rise to normal, sleep patterns increase, and mental clarity will be refined and focused.

This is your life. Your body. Your choices. The way you feel tomorrow depends on what you do today. Go and become the healthiest version of YOU that you are meant to be.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20